Keeping Up With Your TV Shows

With so much television content available at the click of a button, it can be difficult to keep track of the latest TV series. As a serial series watcher,  keeping track of air dates for over 70 series can be a gruelling task. My saviour has been the TVShow Time app.


By building a profile on TVShow Time you can create a catalogue of your entire TV library. It’s also a very good platform to find new TV shows to watch. Whenever someone asks me what TV shows I have seen a slight rush of panic hits me as I cannot just list 70 TV shows off the top of my head without sounding a little bit weird! So, I just whip out my phone, open the app and let people scroll through my profile.


The app has many other fantastic features and attributes:

1. Tracking – TVShow Time’s most useful feature is the watchlist page. Users add a selection of TV shows they enjoy and are then provided with a list of episodes they have remaining to watch. Through the app I have set up notifications for new episodes to be sent a day before they have aired. This is to prepare myself for spoilers on all social media sites.

2. Community – Once you have watched a highly anticipated episode or binge-watched an entire series and you don’t know who to discuss your emotions with the community on this app are there to help. Communities are built around each TV show with members commenting and sharing memes surrounding the events of the episode. For a series like Westworld (2016) this space was particularly helpful in discussing and debating the theories based upon the events that occur within the mystery sci-fi drama.

3. Statistics – Through the voting of your favourite characters and most felt emotion you can collect badges alongside marathoning a series. Scoreboards are created of your favourite characters across all the TV shows you watch. There are various charts and graphs providing the numbers on your consumption habits. The most shocking statistic for me was my total time spent watching TV, which stands at 4 months, 15 days and 2 hours!

I hope I have encouraged you to organise your TV binge-watching habits, and let me know if you find this post helpful. Create an account yourself, follow me and join a huge community on a social network entirely dedicated to all things TV.

The TVShow Time app is available for Apple and Android devices, and to all as a website.


17 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Your TV Shows

  1. This sounds awesome! It sucks when not many of my friends watch the same shows I do so the Community feature sounds great. I look forward to checking it out, thanks!

    1. There is one similar but it does not have as many aspects as TVShow Time. It’s called Letterboxd, it lets you log your films, leave reviews and create lists. Hope this is helpful!

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