Why Do We Rewatch?

You would think with the mass amount of content available that there would be no time to rewatch an entire series. But there are some stories and characters so great that they are worth revisiting.

TV vs. Film – Poll

TV or Film? If someone were to ask me this question a few years ago, my answer would have definitely have been film. But over the past few years, I have picked up an obsessive binge-watching habit that has changed my answer.

Blogs Worth Following

In celebration of a brand new month, where Valentine’s Day also occurs, I thought I would list a few blogs that are worth following. I’ve only been using WordPress for less than a month and this is the content I have enjoyed the most.

Top 10: TV Characters

Characters are a vital part in storytelling and it is no different when it comes to TV shows. They drive the plot and have a huge impact on whether or not I enjoy a show. If the plot begins to get slow I may stick around purely for a specific character’s development or presence.