6 TV Shows Ending in 2017

Every year we have to say goodbye to TV shows that have either run for too long, been abruptly cut short or run their course. This list is specific to the series I watch and a few which started my TV binge-watching addiction!


1. Teen Wolf (2011 – 2017)
The series revolves around high school student Scott McCall whose life drastically changes when he is bitten by a werewolf. He has to adapt to his new identity whilst also keeping the town of Beacon Hills safe from supernatural creatures alongside his best friend Stiles and the rest of his pack. Teen Wolf is the one to blame for my never ending spiral of binge-watching shows.  The show has its moments where it is quite repetitive but my loyalty to the characters are what have kept me going. The final 10 episodes will air this summer, so make sure to catch up before it is spoiled for you!


© The CW

2. Reign (2013 – 2017)
Reign follows the life of Mary Queen of Scots from the moment she arrives in France alongside her ladies-in-waiting. The series depicts the history of the queen and the drama that occurred in French Court. What originally drew me to the series was Adelaide Kane, who had previously appeared on Teen Wolf, but I kept on watching as my interest grew. Although the show is not entirely historically accurate it works well as a drama. What I love about this show is the beautiful costumes and instrumental versions of music from this era such as Lorde’s Royals. Its final season will most likely depict the end of her life and I cannot wait to see how it plays out!


© A&E

3. Bates Motel (2013 – 2017)
Bates Motel is a prequel series to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film Psycho. The series follows a mother and son who start over by moving to a new town and open up a new business but a series of mysterious events occur surrounding the son. I have to admit that I had not seen Psycho before starting this series but had a general idea of the storyline. The wonderful thing about a prequel is seeing the character of Norman Bates grow and develop, which is a terrifying experience. The film left so many unanswered questions where the series fills them in such as Norma Bates as a mother and how she copes with her son. The final season will reach the plot of the original film starring Rihanna as Marion Crane, the woman from the iconic shower scene.


© Freeform

4. Pretty Little Liars (2010 – 2017)
Pretty Little Liars follows a group of four friends who attempt to solve the mysterious murder of their best friend, whilst also being harassed by an anonymous stalker under the persona of ‘A’. I started this series much later than when it first aired which I am glad about because I could not handle waiting long periods of time for a fake ‘A’ reveal. The original plot is really intriguing but it lost its way after a few seasons as it just became repetitive and left me frustrated. The final 10 episodes will air in April and I am ready to say goodbye to Rosewood and all that comes with it.


© The CW

5. The Vampire Diaries (2009 – 2017)
The series follows Elena Gilbert, a high school student in Mystic Falls who is drawn to the handsome new student, Stefan Salvatore. He is a vampire attempting to live peacefully amongst humans, but his brother Damon makes that an impossible task due to his lack of control and violence. I’m surprised the show lasted so long after Nina Dobrev’s departure, I did give up the show a year ago because I had lost interest in the plot. But with the news that it will be ending in the next few weeks or so I have decided to catch up and see how it concludes.


© BBC America

6. Orphan Black (2013 – 2017)
Sarah Manning is pulled into a conspiracy after she witnesses the suicide of a girl who looks identical to her and decides to take her identity. There is something eery about the plot as it is something that could possibly happen in the distant future. The clones are all played by Tatiana Maslany, who is an incredibly talented actress making the audience forget that it is one person playing so many different characters. I’m sad the series is ending but it has been very engaging so far and I cannot wait for the adventures that will occur in its fifth and final season.

Which TV shows are you sad to see the end of? Are you glad that some will finally be off our screens?


14 thoughts on “6 TV Shows Ending in 2017

  1. i’m really sad to see orphan black go but on the other hand it’s good that they are ending it now when it’s still good instead of ruining the entire show

  2. I’m glad that Orphan Black is going to end because the last season started to turn into a mess so cutting it short before they can do anymore damage is smart. I feel like apart from Bates Motel, these shows have run their course.

    I’m sad that Bones is going to end this year though, I’ll miss TV’s best anthropologist.

    1. I had to take a break with Teen Wolf last year the plot was just getting ridiculous but decided to go back for the characters. Can’t wait to see who will return for the end!

  3. for some of these shows it’s honestly time, and though I am sad to see orphan black go, I know it’s because they planned the plot to this point and I respect their not pushing it farther than the story can go while the show is still good.

    1. I had no idea that they had only planned up until this point. That’s a smart decision to make as most shows have continued for far too long and it has ruined either the characters or caused resentment towards the show.

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