Why Do We Rewatch?

You would think with the mass amount of content available that there would be no time to rewatch an entire series. But there are some stories and characters so great that they are worth revisiting.

Personally, I like to be reassured in knowing how things will work out in the end. By watching the same thing over and over again I can relive the experience and emotion I felt. Or it can be used as a way of tracking how much I’ve grown as a person since I first experienced the content.


Sense8 has been raved about on this blog before so it should not be a surprise that I have seen the series twice. My reason for rewatching the series was because the date for the season 2 kept getting pushed further so I snapped as I had to relive the experience again. It was originally released on Netflix in June 2015 and I had finished it in under 24 hours. Delving into the world and seeing the characters the Wachowski siblings had crafted so beautifully was as thrilling as the first time.

Another series that was a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end was Breaking Bad. The series is often referred to as the best television show that ever existed. Being reintroduced to the hero, villains and everything in-between was such an exciting experience. Going through the stages of the character development for Walter White (pictured above) is still as gripping as when you first watch. Our brains seek comfort in knowing how something will end, it is certain to remain as you had left and the same emotions resurface.


Friends is a series that reminds me of my childhood. I would come home from school and the reruns would be playing on E4. I still find myself assigning the characters into my friendship groups. Having only seen the episodes in non-chronological order as a child, I did not appreciate the humour and jokes. One thing that motivated me to rewatch was a specific moment that I had remembered. It had something to do with Joey, a pizza and something occurring on a Thursday – random I know! The joy that came when the words were finally put into context, I don’t know why it had stuck with me all those years as it was barely relevant to the plot.

Another show that made me reminisce my past was Skins. I had originally watched the series before reaching Sixth Form; so it most likely built up my expectation of what those two years would be like. I rewatched it the summer before starting at university as a way of reminiscing upon my final two years in compulsory education. Although my life was not nearly as drama filled as these groups, after watching so many shows surrounding American teenage groups it felt good to see a friendship group which is set in the UK as it felt more relatable.

I shall leave you with this quote said by Jane Margolis in Breaking Bad:

Why should we do anything more than once? Should I just smoke this one cigarette? Maybe we should only have sex once, if it’s the same thing. Should we just watch one sunset? Or live just one day? Because it’s new every time. Each time is a different experience.

Do you often rewatch TV or films? Or do you think it’s a complete waste of time?


19 thoughts on “Why Do We Rewatch?

    1. It can be off putting. I just try and add it into my daily routine such as watching an episode of Friends whilst folding and sorting laundry as it just makes me feel more productive.

  1. Interesting post. I find myself watching old episodes of shows when there are reruns on TV, I never seek it myself. Did you find which Friends episode the Joey, pizza and Thursday thing was in?

  2. I really love rewatching a show after I’ve seen it once because by then I know the characters. I know some say ‘what’s the point? You know the plot’, but watching a show once you’ve seen it before you notice things about the characters that you didn’t before. You learn their personalities and you have a much more enlightened view concerning their actions and you notice the tiny little things and find yourself saying ‘oh that is SO them!’. I guess it’s nice to be connected and feel familiar and for me, personally, it doesn’t take anything from the plot; I still get just as excited! Sorry for the essay haha, I’m just an avid defender of rewatches 😁 Great post! Really relatable

    1. Thank you, I feel the exact same way. Rather than trying to get to grips with the plot you can direct your focus onto the characteristics and personality. By rewatching it sort of feels like you’re revisiting people you know.

  3. It’s amazing all the things you notice watching a movie or tv series a second time around. I love breaking bad, but I don’t think I fully appreciated the technical aspect, and just how incredible the actors are until I rewatched. When you rewatch you can focus less on understanding the plot and really get into the details.

    1. That’s exactly my experience with Breaking Bad! First time viewing was just understating the various storylines. The second time I began to appreciate other aspects like the cinematography or framing and how it presents the characters.

  4. I rewatch things all the time, to the point where I rewatch more often than I watch new things. Interesting post, gave me a new insight on why I do that!

    1. It’s definitely a comfort thing. When I rewatch I know exactly what’s going to happen but at the same time smaller details are added which make it a great experience.

  5. I rewatch shows because I get so busy with school and eveything and have no time to catch up with my shows and I end up forgetting eveything. Then I have to rewatch all 3+ seasons of the show. It’s more of a burden than fun. 😕

  6. I’ve really enjoyed rewatching TV that I liked as a child and teenager with my own children then teenagers. I know their Dad has been extremely happy to introduce our daughters to Dr Who (every one) and also Star Trek. Not sure either of those shows have made it on to your blog yet. How come Dr Who is missing? Nicola http://cmclcc.wordpress.com

    1. I never really thought of watching Doctor Who because I have heard about it so much that it feels as if I have seen it. From what I know the Doctor regenerates often and I don’t think I like the thought of getting attached to a character only for them to be replaced. Although I should test it out before I completely write it off.

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