Blogs Worth Following

In celebration of a brand new month, where Valentine’s Day also occurs, I thought I would list a few blogs that are worth following. I’ve only been using WordPress for less than a month and this is the content I have enjoyed the most. Advertisements

Top 10: TV Characters

Characters are a vital part in storytelling and it is no different when it comes to TV shows. They drive the plot and have a huge impact on whether or not I enjoy a show. If the plot begins to get slow I may stick around purely for a specific character’s development or presence. 

Foreign Favourite – Skam

Television content is rapidly changing whether it is in terms of the structure, storylines or the technology used to create the content. Some TV shows have a basic repetitive format, so it can be refreshing to find a new style of content to engage with.

Top 5: TV Shows

For my first post, it seemed appropriate to list my top five TV shows. As an avid series-watcher, narrowing down a selection of shows out of the 70 that I watch was a difficult task. However within this post I have managed to handpick my favourites and hopefully convince you to watch them as well!